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Finish the Job

Mrs. Devonshire was sitting on the edge of the sofa, straight, her hands flat on her thighs. She was shaking. That was understandable, considering the gun pointed at her chest. I was sitting opposite her in the comfortable armchair. My hand wasn’t shaking. I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly if I couldn’t…

3-Act Story Structure Mind Map

I did a recap on the three act story structure doing a mini-course provided by Reedsy, and I created this mind map for myself. My brain works best if I see the overall picture of things, so this overview helps me to remember at one glance. I have put the structure into a timeline view.…

The Black Girl in Black

The girl was black. Black skin, black skirt, black blouse and black sunglasses. The only white thing was the cord of her earphone coming from her ear and going to her black bag.