This Means War! by John Locke

“Anything yet?” Bronson asks. I shake my head. “All silent. Our guy is still asleep.” I follow my routine of checking the camera feeds. The laptop’s screen is split into six windows, each shows a distinct part of the apartment we are watching. In the top right corner, our guy is sprawled in his bed, … Continue reading

Variations are good

My sweetheart and I watched Warehouse 13 again. You know, the show. You haven’t seen it yet? Man, it’s a must for sci-fi fans. Anyway, that’s not the point. When we watched the last episode of the last season, I realized I had bought a Warehouse 13 e-book at some point, and it’s been sitting … Continue reading

Wayward Magicians by J. R. Lewis

“So, tell me about your findings,” the Curator says. We are standing on the top of the ruins of the Old Town wall. On one side the silent ruins of Old Ankhar lay in the silence of centuries, keeping the memories of times when demons roared beneath the surface and people died terrible deaths. This … Continue reading

Age of Empyre by Michael J. Sullivan

Two of the three characters in the following unconventional review are invented by Michael J. Sullivan. I give him full credit. The third one is mine. Dear Michael, I hope I don’t offend you with this unconventional review. I was getting bored by the “normal” reviews and added some spice to mine. The following piece … Continue reading

Buy a Bullet by Gregg Hurwitz

I close the door behind me. Eight spikes slide into place. I walk to the kitchen island where I left my laptop earlier. I boot it up and log into the house alarm system. Six cameras shows distinct parts of the house. No movement. Good. I pour a glass of vodka on ice, dim the … Continue reading

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